Benefits for Patients

Through routine screening, patients can improve their overall standard of care by eliminating uncertainty about cognitive function and brain health.

Benefits for Patients

How Cognivue Helps Cognitive Function

By determining a patient’s level of risk for cognitive impairment through routine testing, we can intervene to preserve their cognitive health.  Many symptoms related to memory, thinking, language, judgments and other thought processes can be treated and often eliminated.

The performance of Cognivue as a risk assessment tool allows the clinician to:

  • Identify patients at risk earlier
  • Stratify patients at risk of cognitive impairment
  • Mitigate risk by implementing their protocols and strategies for care

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Cognivue has been a great addition!!!! Far better than the MMSE...I say it is a cognitive CBC or EKG and patients are educated in a way we couldn't do before...and so am I!

Dr. C. Stringer, CNY Internists PC


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