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Cognivue is the first cognitive risk stratification solution cleared by the FDA for patients over the age of 55. It is based on years of research focusing on early detection of late-life cognitive decline (LLCD) and dementia.

Upon completion of a 10 minute test, Cognivue immediately creates a one-page, easy-to-interpret report with a single risk score of cognitive health. Using the patient’s risk score, physicians are able to determine the patient’s risk stratification and decide on the proper course of action to improve patient care.  If the patient is not at risk for cognitive impairment, their risk score can be used a baseline for future comparison.

This product tour offers a set of topics that covers the benefits of this revolutionary new technology.

The Cognivue System

Cognivue System

To learn more about Cognivue, its models, benefits and how it works, explore the topics in the product tour.


Cognivue with Cart

Cognivue Unit with Cart

  • All-in-One Computer
  • Easy-to-push mobile cart with locking wheels
  • Keyboard with touchpad
  • Rotary Wheel (CogniWheel®)
  • Light-occluding privacy CogniCover ®
Cognivue 2.5 Desktop Model

Desktop Unit

  • All-in-One Computer
  • Convenient desktop implementation
  • Keyboard with touchpad
  • Rotary Wheel (CogniWheel®)
  • Light-occluding CogniCover®

Key Features


Provides one degree of freedom, minimizing all variance in patient response performance. It requires the use of fine-motor control by the patient. Extremely intuitive design that’s non-threatening to users.


Specific dimensions for every patient and every test with protection from distraction and ambient light interference.

Cart Based Option

Mechanically fixed, therefore providing the same grip on CogniWheel®, view of screen and overall test interaction.

Watch Cognivue Video

View Cognivue in Action

View video to see how the Cognivue unit simplifies taking the self-administered test.


It’s an excellent tool in cognitive assessment! I use the results to reassure patients, to prompt further testing, and to follow patients longitudinally.

Dr. L. Algase, Partners in Internal Medicine


Cognivue Featured in Local TV News

Local news reporter, Ashley Doerzbacher, visited our office in Victor, New York to learn about Cognivue and how the test identifies changes in cognitive function and can be used as an early indicator of…

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