Innovative Technology

Cognivue identifies changes in cognitive function that could be indicative of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Using adaptive psychophysics, it focuses on cortical information processing by testing four key cognitive domains.

Cognivue Technologies

Cognivue was intuitively designed to eliminate testing variables. It protects from distractions and light interference and provides the same testing environment between multiple testing sites.

The computerized testing technology is the first computerized cognitive test cleared by the FDA for patients over the age of 55. It is based on years of research focusing on early detection of late-life cognitive decline (LLCD) and dementia. Research began at the National Eye Institute at NIH and continued on to the University of Rochester. A large-scale study conducted in 2014 compared Cognivue to standard neuropsychological tests, and led to the FDA clearance of the device.

Cognivue Desktop Unit

Preserving Cognitive Health

Cognitive decline is often reversible. Through early risk assessment and risk stratification, early intervention is possible. Many symptoms related to memory, thinking, language, judgments and other thought processes can be treated. Through routine screening, we can improve the overall standard of care by eliminating the uncertainty about cognitive function and brain health.


Cognivue has been a great addition!!!! Far better than the MMSE...I say it is a cognitive CBC or EKG and patients are educated in a way we couldn't do before...and so am I!

Dr. C. Stringer, CNY Internists PC


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