Eating for brain health: What women need to know about diet and Alzheimer’s

Women have a greater probability of developing Alzheimer’s than men. Making certain diet changes could help keep the brain healthy. Plenty of patients still come to a doctor after they have developed a disease, but the majority of people are now coming beforehand — so they don’t develop one.

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Cognivue has been a great addition!!!! Far better than the MMSE...I say it is a cognitive CBC or EKG and patients are educated in a way we couldn't do before...and so am I!

Dr. C. Stringer, CNY Internists PC


Cognivue Featured in Local TV News

Local news reporter, Ashley Doerzbacher, visited our office in Victor, New York to learn about Cognivue and how the test identifies changes in cognitive function and can be used as an early indicator of…

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